Evaluation of Physicochemical Properties of Iranian Mango Seed Kernel Oil

Afshin Jafarpour


Mango seed kernel oil was extracted using Sooksele with hexane. The physicochemical properties (Acid value, peroxide value, unsaponifiable matters, stability against oxidation, Index of refraction, Color, Total Cholesterol, Fe, Cu, Tocopherol, Phospholipid and the fatty acid composition of mango seed kernel oil were examined. Mango seed kernel contains 3.8% oil with 9.42 (mg/g oil) peroxide value, 2.15 (mg KOH/g oil) Acid value, 3.17 (mg KOH/g oil) unsaponifiable matters and Index of refraction 1.46..In Mango seed kernel oil, the maximum amount of unsaturated fatty acid is belongs to Oleic acid (34.8%) and the maximum amount of saturated fatty acid is belongs to Lauric acid (28.7%). The results suggested that mango seed kernel oil is a good source of the unsaturated fatty acid, phenolic compounds and has the potential to be used as nutrient rich food oil or as ingredients for functional or enriched foods.The purpose of this study is evaluation and identification of the physicochemical properties and ingredients of kernel oil of mango that were harvested from Sistan and Baluchestan, Iran, as a new sours of this oil.  

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